NEWS! Brutal Assault Festival 2017

September 20, 2016



Did we ever tell you that we like the Brutal Assault Festival? Of course we did! And we continue the love for the event by giving a quick update on the latest for next years’ edition. Its never too early to be talking about next years shows!


As many of you may be aware by now, the Mighty EMPEROR are the first band announced for Brutal Assault 22. Another two bands are also confirmed with well known Folk Metal band Eluveitie joining New Zealand Death Metallers Ulcerate


Never fear, as usual the announcements will be coming thick and fast and we will be right here following it and spreading the news as always right up to the event. Until then make sure you check out the official after movie of this years festivities!


Brutal Assault 21 provided an all star lineup consisting of Behemoth, Agnostic Front, Satyricon playing a Nemisis Divina anniversary set, Gojira, Abbath and many many more. You can read all about it right here on in our two part festival review. Be sure to also check out our galleries section for full sets of photos. 



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