NEWS! North Of The Wall 2017 Finalise Line-up

September 10, 2016

 2017 is shaping up to be a remarkable year for all things live music and the festival scenes across the globe are no different. The UK is continuing to build upon its metal festival scene with those leading the pack such as Desertfest, Damnation Festival, Bloodstock and many more. But for those into something a little more extreme, North Of The Wall festival is sure to be one not to miss.


Just recently the festival organiser finalised their lineup consisting of some of the best in the black metal genre taking to the stages in Glasgow, Scotland for two whole days.  Coming off of the success of the festivals 2016 sold out addition which saw the likes of Aura Noir, Destroyer 666, Mourning Beloveth just to name a few, the 2017 edition is looking to be bigger and better with an extra day across three venues and including 23 bands.


In a UK exclusive and one of our personal favourites in the Black Metal scene at the moment, Polish legends MGLA will finally bring their devastating and harsh darkness to Glasgow and will more than likely play tracks from 2015’s masterpiece ‘Exercises in Futility’ an album that is without a doubt one of the best the genre has seen in recent times. Another favorite of ours, Gnaw Their Tongues will bring their rather violent and morbid themed Experimental Black Metal/ Noise all the way from the Netherlands.


Whilst there is a healthy amount of talent from all over the world gracing the stages of North Of The Wall Festival, rest assured, there is no shortage of UK representation including London’s black and doomy Bast as well as Doom veterans Esoteric.


In short, there is a crazy amount of decent bands on this lineup and we are oh so very excited. Prepare yourself for a two days of cramming bands in. Feet will be sore, ears will most certainly be ringing but when all is said and done, you would have seen some seriously good bands.


For the full lineup check out the below poster and visit the following links for more information/tickets. Be sure to look out for our upcoming festival preview too!







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