LIVE REVIEW! Anaal Nathrakh, Voices & The Infernal Sea, London

September 5, 2016

Its Friday night, the weather is cooling as the autumn months are about to make their return and we are once again back at our home away from home in London for more live music. In a few months time we will start to think about our top 10 shows of the year and Nightshift Promotions continue to make our lives difficult by putting on amazing live shows! Tonight is no different. We have yet another contender for our top 10 slots and its awesome to know that tonight’s event boasts three brilliant British bands who are keen to leave a path of destruction in the wake of their performances.


There are only three bands playing tonight. But as they say, its not quantity that matters, its quality and we

definitely have some here. We’ve made it no secret at all just how good The Infernal Sea are. Its not a band we one day out of the blue decided to support. They earned that support, not just from us, but from everyone who are backing them like the champs they are. On a stage supporting the likes of Anaal Nathrakh, synonymous with their energy and a crowd who like to get a little crazy, the band put on a show which happens to be one of the best we’ve personally seen them and without a doubt, the crowd are into it and they let everyone in the room know it too. Making the decision to play a slightly shorter set to allow for the punters to make their way into the venue was a great idea too. By the second song, the room was packed and the band, shrouded in their green lights and donning their signature plague masks do a fantastic job of brining a sense of mystery whilst bringing their dark and at times, utterly terrifying sound to the stage. Its tight, its vicious, its everything you want from a blackened metal band. We don’t know how many more times we can say it, if you haven’t seen them live yet, you really are missing something special.


At this point, the harsh sounding tones and the blistering drums of The Infernal Sea have made me realise, I’ve forgotten my earplugs. It’s a bit late to care now as Voices, another one of the UKs top quality blackened metal bands take to the stage. The band do well to keep the interest of the crowd even though It may have been quite a challenge to follow the performance beforehand but they keep the momentum going. Make no mistake, the band are another ferocious sounding act that are ridiculously hard to ignore for anyone in the room and by the time they are done, there is a feeling of calmness before the storm showing you just how brutal the show of Voices is.


Of course there’s no time for tiredness now. Sure, people have been at work all day, they’ve just stood through two of the most blistering sets from The Infernal Sea & Voices, but if there’s one thing I’ve taken away from tonight show, its that the fans of Anaal Nathrakh do not know the word ‘tired’ and neither does the band who give it everything. They do not know what it means to be tired and they show everybody that there is absolutely no rest for the wicked as The Underworld is transformed form a live music venue into a warzone. Slayer, move over. The bodies flying about is absurd and incredible. The bands energy from the moment they introduce themselves to the playing of fan favourites such as ‘Forging Towards The Sunset’ only fuels people to rage harder and longer. There were points where I wanted to drop my camera and jump in myself but long gone are those days for me.


One things for sure, An Anaal Nathrakh show that starts with chaos, continues with pure annihilation of anyone standing anywhere close to the pit and ends with a naked bassist is definitely a show that goes down in ourbooks as a perfect way to spend a Friday night.


All photos by JPR Photography. Live gallery comming soon!




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