PREVIEW! Anaal Nathrakh Return To London.

August 29, 2016

 On 17 August 2016, Anaal Nathrakh announced on their Facebook page that their ninth album, The Whole of the Law, will be released on 28 October 2016. And in doing so, the band sparked much excitement across the UK and further not just because we were going to get new music but because with new music, more often than not comes the announcement of live shows. And that’s exactly what happened.


With this in mind, it only feels right that Nightshift Promotions were the ones to book the London date this weekend at the world famous Underworld in Camden. We wouldn’t think of a better place for the bands to make one of their first appearances again in support of the new album and boy are we excited.


Anaal Nathrakh began their life back in in 1998 as a new and raw up and coming black metal band. Two demos released in 1999, ‘Anaal Nathrakh’ and ‘Total Fucking Nero’ put them on the map as a fresh new band with a great sound and saw their popularity sky rocket with those who lived for the underground metal scene and the extreme metal it brought with it. But it wasn’t until 2004 where things would change for the band who would begin to pull even bigger crowds and gain even more attention with the release of ‘Domine Non Es Dignus’ which actually moved away from the Black Metal.


The albums ‘Eschaton’, ‘Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here’ continued the same way as its predecessor did and in doing so build a hardcore fan base of people especially in the UK who’s familiar faces would most likely be seen t most shows. But this was really just the beginning.


Skip ahead to 2016, and the band are preparing to release their ninth studio album after years of touring, including amazing slots at Damnation Festival, Bloodstock Festival, a signing to metal Blade Records and much much more, the hype is real and shows no sign of going away any time soon. One thing is for sure, A Friday night in London with Anaal Nathrakh can only really mean one thing. Total Fucking Chaos.



There are two support bands on the bill who will proved ticketholder an absolute treat.


London Black metallers Voices bring their “exhibition” to the underworld that will wow you to the core. As Peter Benjamin explained that "it’s not really a gig, it’s a display of beauty and awfulness. It’s like art, we’re not just a band blasting it out, we’re displaying it."


The Infernal Sea once again prove that they are good enough for those important big slots and complete this lineup and adding to what has been a busy month for them. Fresh off of their latest tour which also included providing support duties for Arch Enemy the band return to London to remind everyone just who they are and what they’re about by brining songs from their latestt album ‘The Great mortality’ that will absolutely tear the crowd to bits.



As usual, here are the details for the evenings show. If you’re still to get a ticket, the link is also included below.


Nightshift Promotions presents:


Anaal Nathrakh




The Infernal Sea


Price: £15.00 adv. // Doors: 6pm - 10pm

Tickets -


Stage Times:


20:30 - VOICES


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