LIVE REVIEW! The Infernal Sea, Razoreater & Burial - Peterborough

August 20, 2016

DIY shows. Does it get any better? Whist we have been around covering some pretty big shows here and there and reporting on them, its been nice to take a step back and appreciate the smaller events that take place that no one really hears about too much. And this is exactly why we love the little do it yourself shows. It feels like a really rare thing these days to cram a bunch of people in a tiny pub and watch some amazing bands.


It used to be quite a frequent thing especially in the mid 2000s. Small pubs around the country would play

 host to shows that were basically put on by members of the bands. We have some pretty fond memories of the gigs that used to take place at the Norwich Marquee. All dayers hosting the likes of Bossk before anyone really knew who they were, or the popular Send more Paramedics who always used to put on such good performances.


So we jumped at the chance when local boys The Infernal Sea and their good friends Razoreater decided to play their first date of their tour in a small pub called The Cherry Tree. What a show it turned out to be.


In a city that is stagnant when it comes to live music (for a whole bunch of reasons we wont bother getting into) Its refreshing to see so many folks turn out to support a couple of local bands that are doing well outside of the city. Of course, when it comes to numbers, we’re not talking hundreds of people or anything, but definitely enough to squish them all together and make the place into a warm sweaty mess by the end of the show.


Kicking things off, the not so local Burial are the the ones to open. The Manchester lads are absolutely vicious sounding and its glorious in all its form. It doesn’t take long for everyone to start feeling moist. With their style of Death Metal with a cool blackened twinge, the trio do well to warm everyone up and get them in the mood. Heads were nodding, drums were pounding and the crushing sounds emanating from the band fill the small room nicely.


A quick changeover of equipment but nothing too drastic. The room doesn’t allow for too much flexibility when moving cabs and drums around so things are mostly shared but Razoreater keep the metal moving along nicely once they had found all of their band members who are busy chatting away with friends. But when it starts, it really starts. The band are a cool mix of crusty metal and grindcore and are almost made for environments like this. Frontman Ben Rollings does a marvellous job of owning his space on the floor/stage as he viciously screams his lungs out into the microphone. The sound that comes from this band live is huge and hard to believe such quality has come from a city that doesn’t have much going for it when it comes to the genre. Absolute chaos from start to finish.


The Infernal Sea have had a tremendously busy couple of years. Tour after tour, record deals and more have seen the band establish itself as a leader in the underground Blackened Metal scene. It feels completely wrong to have a band of such calibre play in such a small venue, but rest assured, this is the band not forgetting their roots. Most members have been in multiple projects before this and have played their fair share of underground DIY shows so it’s a good show of respect for where they all came from and gives the local fans that have stood behind the band from the beginning to get their own show.


 It’s a little ridiculous the level of skill and musicianship in the band. From James Burkes inhuman drumming, guitars that sound as if they’ve come straight from hell to the vocals that could almost be satan himself, the bands live show is something one must see. A dimly lit room with eerie green lighting and what has become the bands plague doctor masks, the show is executed with sheer ferocity with songs such as ‘The Bearer’ (one of the best songs we’ve heard in the genre for quite some time) and ‘Pestmeester’ which continues to be a great homage to the more old school traditional black metal sound and is still killer live.






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