LIVE REVIEW! Brutal Assault Festival 2016 Part Two

August 20, 2016


Part two of our Brutal Assault Festival review covers the 3rd & 4th day of the festival which provided us with a whole heap of amazing bands and a crap load of amazing weather. We really couldn’t have asked for anything more. With no signs of tiredness showing of the faces of the fans, the third day did not give an ounce of rest for any of us. Bombing between multiple stages to see as many of the acts as possible is a sign that the line-up this year is possibly too good!


Day 3:

We emerged from out tent relatively early as the days warmth increased. The weather was glorious from start to finish and what better way to celebrate than to drink a healthy amount of cheap Czech lager and dine on some of the delicious foods available to us all.


Snacking on some friendchips, we made our way to the main stage to catch metal legends Voivod who were doing their thing on stage. Its still an early crowd but they’re absolutely into it. It feels like the wakeup call of the festival as ‘Lost society’ kicks in with its vibrating bass and its almost punk rock sound. A great

 way to start the third day.


Of course things move on in a slightly different direction from here as one can expect from a Brutal Assault lineup. Its all fun and games for technical metal masters Textures who are clearly having a blast as the sun beats down and the chunky sounding guitars echo through the site. The sound was polished, the playing was immaculate, we loved the set and it was a welcome addition to the festival lineup. You can definitely feel the momentum shifting as the band finish up. Eyes are free from sleep and people seem more awake as Greece’s Sceptic Flesh pull out all stops to really get the energy flowing. With frontman Spiros Antoniou having the crowd clap and chant in unison shouting at the crowd “louder, from your heart and from your soul” This was enough to really get the fans pumped up for the rest of the day.


Raised Fist arrived just minutes before they were due on stage and as chaotic their travel problems may have been for them; it feels like they transferred their energy right into their performance. The crowd was fairly sparse to begin with but with plenty of flames and a ridiculously good performance, you couldn’t help but be drawn in. Those making their way to other stages stopped. Those going to grab a beer, changed their minds. One of the standout performances of the festival and a wonderful surprise to the day!


Another stand out performance came from veterans Coroner who graced the festival stage for the first time thankful they were. Its great to see such a big crowd for the group who put on a great show. Of course there were those who were there to see the band and there were those there who were simply waiting for what was to be one of the stand out moments for this years festival.


Celebrating 20 years of the Album Nemesis Divina, Satyricon are absolutely blistering from start to finish. If you loved the album on record, then you will love it live. This not only ranks as one of, if not the best performance of this year’s festival, but of the entire festival history! The sound, the lights, the passion and the energy these songs ooze live and in full is incredible. It only seemed fitting that this was also in the darkness of night. The band take a moment to reflect on the record claiming that 20 years is not really an achievement these days, but the impact that record had in those 20 years is. Expressing their thanks to everyone they end the playthrough with Mother North which sends chills through our spines from start to finish.  A little treat was in store for those fans of the later songs too in the form of ‘Black Crow On A Tombstone’, ‘The Pentagram Burns’ and ‘K.I.N.G’ which wrapped up an amazing headlining set nicely.



Day 4:

There was a certain sense of calmness throughout the the fourth day as it became apparent people were tired and burnt out. Tired faces and plenty of people sitting down in between bands were all evidence that a week long party and 15 hours standing to watch bands were all beginning to take its toll. Credit where its due though, these signs of tiredness slowly disappeared throughout the day as fans could be seen to be getting their second wind!


London’s very own Knuckledust were the ones we caught first and what a delight it was for us to see our

 hometown boys on a stage in far away lands. Its great to see the hardcore fans out early for them who were clearly enjoying the show. The band looked like they were having some fun themselves too which always helps!


Misery Loves Company play infront of one of the smaller crowds seen throughout the festival but they play and perform as if in front of a sold out O2 arena. Theres heart and grit put into their performance but unfortunately it may have just fallen upon the ears of a tired crowd who haven’t quite woen up this morning. For all its worth though, the band do an amazing job at squeezing that little bit of a reaction from the fans especially with tracks such as ‘Kiss Your Boots’.


A different type of crowd appears now as Stick To Your Guns arrive on stage. If ever there were a band to stick out a little, it would be this one. But that’s what the festival is all about. The long hair and death metal t shirts disappear to the tents for beer whilst the fans of hardcore and punk rock sill the area and explode into life to what is a great show by the band. If a band is great in their genre, then they are bound to win over any audience and this is exactly what Stick To Your Guns achieves today. Dedicating songs to their friends in Agnostic Front & H2O, the band are on fire from start to finish.


Whilst it may not be our thing when it comes to the music, we cant fault Stuck Mojo for the show they put on. Its great fun and its clear that the band themselves are here for just that as they throw themselves around the stage without a care in the world smashing through on song to another.


 We were ecstatic to Insomnium again this time in the open air however it felt as if the performance fell a little short. The die hard fans made the show what it was with a great atmosphere but we still think the band suit the indoor environment. Regardless, the band played well, the fans loved it and that’s all that matters. Agnostic Front however were a completely different story.


Its amazing what a different 4 years makes. We last saw the band at Brutal Assault 17 which was a fantastic show, but there was a noticeable difference in crowd size this year. Playing in front of what felt like double of Brutal Assault 17, the band grabbed hold of every single person in the crowd, commanded their attention and respect and they got it. They just can’t be bad live. We can’t even recall a time we have seen them underperform and this set is no different.


We’re not going to lie, at this point, we were absolutely exhausted (or cream crackered as the British would say) We decided to make MGLA our final band of the festival and what a stunning decision that turned out to be. I don’t think we could have ended the festival on a better note if we tried to. The faceless black metallers came on stage and took us through a wonderful journey. Ending their set with the killer ‘Exercises In Futility’ It was everything we hoped for and more. We walked away completely satisfied.


It wasn’t until we got back to our tent to rest for the night that it dawned on us. Our precious Brutal Assault Festival had ended for another year. And the post festival blue started to kick in.


Until next year when we do it all over again, we hope you have enjoyed our report on this years edition of the festival. If you have never been and love the festival music scene, then this should definitely be on your list to do. The location, the quality of band, the price of the ticket, the price of feed and drinks, its all amazing. We can honestly think of no bad things and no reasons not to go!


Thanks for reading!


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