Preview! Brutal Assault 2016 Top 10 - Part 2

August 4, 2016


Welcome to part 2 of our countdown to the top 10 bands of Brutal Assault Festival 2016 that takes place in six days! That’s right folks, its less than a week away. We cant even begin to express how excited we are!


So here it is…


5 - Ufomammut

Not that we would condone such actions but if there ever was a perfect time to have a drink and a smoke, the set by Ufomammut in the early hours of the Sunday morning would be the time and the place. With the band being one of the very final bands to play the festival, the space-tinged stoner rock will be a worthy close to what will be a festival full of a ridiculous variety of musical styles. Having formed in 1999, the band have quite the impressive back catalogue to hand pick their setlist from. Who knows what we will be in for. But one thing you can be certain of, You’re not coming out of the show the same person you went in.


Recommended Listening: ‘Lacrimosa’ ‘Stardog’ & ‘Ammonia’ are great songs for those who would like a taster of what the band have to offer. They’re just as great if you’re already a fan of the band, so go listen to them again!



4 - In The Woods…

One of the best things about this years Brutal Assault festival is the wealth of excellent Black Metal on the line-up. There really is no shortage of it. Into The Woods…are no exception to the rule. For those who didn’t know,  The band started out as a death metal band called Green Carnation, but with the main composer and guitarist Tchort leaving the band in favor of legendary Black Metal outfit ‘Emperor’, the remaining members formed In the Woods...


Recommended Listening: Those who like their Black Metal and haven’t already checked it out should definitely listen to the album ‘Heart Of The Ages’


3 - Sigh

Another band that will grace the festivals Oriental stage, Japan’s well known black metal duo Sigh have, over the years become something quite popular amongst those who follow the genre. Having even been credited as one of the first ever Japanese black metal bands, the history of Sigh back dates to the 80s where they took their inspirations from the thrash metal scene at the time whilst also fusing horror-esque soundtracks into the mix to create a blend of atmospheric extreme metal. Sigh will play the festival on the Friday and will be one of the few bands to play the Oriental stage.


Recommended Listening: If you are feeling brave, check out the album ‘Scenario IV: dead Dreams’. The album will give you a great intro into the world of Sigh.

2 - Mono

Not only are Mono just incredible in every way, but they might even be a moment of calm in the midst of all the crazy metal madness that will be Brutal Assault. Their experimental sound and the beauty within their ambience will be sure to provide ears a much needed break as they share their art and tell their stories through the music for all to see. Expect lots of atmosphere, expect to be taken away just for a moment and definitely expect to be mesmerised by a performance that will have the potential to wipe the floor with most across the weekend. Grab a pilsner (or even one of the festivals Lynchburg lemonades) and head over to the Oriental stage to see one of japans greatest musical exports!


Recommended Listening: ‘Dream Odyssey’, ‘Cyclone’ & ‘Burial At Sea’ will be great starting points for those unfamiliar with the band.

1 - Mastodon

Back in 2002, a stunning work of art was released that went by the name Remission that would later become one of the standout records in the back catalogue of Mastodon. Furthermore, they subsequently released the incredible follow up Lethithan which would later insert the band into metal scene with a triumphant explosion of momentum. Since then, the band have continue to release albums that are constantly evolving the Mastodon sound and because of this, have grown a considerable fan base. With a new album reportedly in the works, the band make their headlining debut at Brutal Assault on the first day of the festival which is sure to kick-start things as they mean to go on. The big question is; will we hear a snippet of new material? Who knows! Be sure to catch the band to find out!


Recommended Listening: Be sure to check out one of the standout tracks ‘March Of The Fire Ants’, taken from the debut album Remission. ‘Blood & Thunder’, ‘Iron Tusk’ & ‘Naked Burn’ are all great picks from the album Leviathan too.

Thats it folks! See you at the festival!!






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