Preview! Brutal Assault 2016 Top 10 - Part 1

August 3, 2016




Make no mistake, Brutal Assault festival are well known for their plethora of extreme metal bands on their line-ups and year after year the festival organisers continue to exceed expectations. The 2016 edition of Brutal Assault festival is absolutely no exceptions. It has it all, rock, metal, hardcore, metalcore, death metal, grind core, thrash metal, doom metal. The list really does go on.


I don’t think its any surprise to our readers just how much of a fan we are of this festival. We can keep beating each and every one of you over the heads with our articles and the praise in which we sing but nothing will really drill the message home without you going to see for yourself.


With that in mind, we run down our own personal top 10 bands of Brutal Assault Festival 2016 which is a harder task than you can imagine when you consider the sheer amount of quality bands involved!


10 - Satyricon

20 years ago, Satyricon released seminal ‘Nemesis Divina’. An album people have no troubles describing as one of the greatest albums of the bands back catalogue. And what better way to celebrate such an achievement by playing the album live & in full at Brutal Assault festival with the darkens of the evening adding to the atmosphere.  Whilst the most recent music released by the band may not resemble that of the music heard on ‘Nemesis Divina’. Make no mistake, the playing of this album from start to finish will be one of the most brutal things you will see all weekend. It seems fitting that Brutal Assault is one of the places where this celebration will take place. If you’ve never seen Satyricon play their old stuff live before, you’re in for a treat!


Recommended Listening: Be sure to check out tracks off Nemesis Divina such as ‘Mother North’ & ‘Immortality Passion’



9 - The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder kicked the year off with a bang embarking upon a European tour that saw them play many shows across many countries including London. This summer they keep the momentum going with a whole heap of festivals including Brutal Assault. Still touring in support of this years ‘Abysmal’ album, you can be sure to hear plenty of new stuff as well as those fan favourites we have all come to know and love. The band are no strangers to the festival though having played previously so are no doubt looking forward to their return to such as fantastic festival with such a strong line-up.


Recommended Listening: ‘Receipt’ & ‘Everything Went Black’ should definitely be ones to add to your festival playlists!



8 - H2O

Make no mistake about it, The Revival are fans of all kinds of music and music from that Hardcore scene we have grown to know and love is no exception. So how about checking out some of New York cities finest hardcore in the form of legendary band H2O on the Thursday evening to lift your spirits. Maybe your back is hurting from camping on a rock hard floor or maybe you’re just still hungover from the night before, whatever the reason, H2O are definitely going to be the band that will have you rocking out and have you feeling as if all is right with the world again as you make your way back to the bar!


Recommended listening: Check out tracks ‘Nothing To Prove’, ‘Black Sheep’ & ‘Skate!’ – They will almost certainly be apart of the set list!




7 - Mgła

For many, Polish black metallers Mgła are going to be the band discovery of the festival, for others, its going to be the performance they’re most looking forward to. The band bring their pure evil sound to the Brutal Assault stage on the Saturday and will grip you from start to finish. Once again, festival organisers have done a wonderful job at scheduling bands which means Mgła will be performing in the darkness of night which is absolutely the most fitting setting for them.


Recommended Listening: The bands Exercises in futility album should be played. On repeat. Over and over.




6 - Chelsea Wolf

It is a little surprising to see such an artist playing so early on in the festival with Chelsea Wolf playing on the first day of the event. That being said, I can think of nothing better than seeing her at midnight! Yes that’s right, The set will start at approximately 23.55. We have often found that some of the best sets at Brutal Assault have been played late at night. Park yourself on the festivals ‘Natural Ground’ which is essentially a big hill where you can watch the bands with an ice cold beverage. Its prime real estate at such a festival and at night, its even better! Its going to be an atmospheric display of her art which mixes a wide variety of influences with elements of doom metal, drone metal, black metal, gothic rock, folk and dark ambient in her music. Now just imagine that for a second. Imagine you’re chilling with a drink whilst laying on a big hill with a perfect view of the stage…Yep, sounds pretty fucking awesome doesn’t it!

Recommended listening: Be sure to check out tracks such as “Flatlands” & “Iron Moon”


Stay tuned for part 2 coming shortly!


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