LIVE REVIEW! Ramblin' Man Fair 2016 - Day 2

July 27, 2016

 One thing is for sure, the second day of the festival begins much cooler than that of the first. In fact, whilst the day remains relatively warm, the sun barely makes an appearance except for a few short spells. There were definitely less need for those shady spots around the site.


The day for us begins with The Answer who are introduced to the crowds who are looking a little tired and

 as if they need a boost. And does the solution come in the form of the band? Some might say yes. Introduced as one of the greatest bands to come out of Northern Ireland, the band waste very little time in getting started. Vocalist Cormac Neeson does a good job with his flamboyant charm and his rock and roll voice, but it may be a tad too early for the tired crowd to really get into it as much as they potentially could.


The Cadillac Three are a welcome change with their southern country fuzz sounding rock. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, the threesome do a good job at perking up the festival once more and are greeted with much deserved cheers. A fantastic performance from a fantastic band who deliver on the big stage.


 From here we move onto Airbourne. And, to be blunt, Holy fucking shit, what a show they put on. It was quite frankly the performance of the whole festival and was out of control. Aussie front man Joel O’Keeffe was can only be described as a madman from the moment the first note is played. Starting things off with his signature run and jump onto the stage, to even climbing it! The front man even ended up on the shoulders of his pal running through the crowd. Be assured, they came to entertain and that’s exactly what

 the band did. Lets also not forget the opening of a beer using nothing but his head. This was easily the craziest we saw the crowd all weekend and quite rightfully so. They came, they saw, they definitely conquered.


Following such a performance however has never been an easy task for anyone. There’s only so much you can do after a crazy guy with a guitar jumps everywhere, climbs the stage and runs through the festival crowd after battering himself over the head with a beer can. Of course on this occasion, if you’re hometown rockers Thunder, You’re going to give it a damn good shot and for what its worth, they really did. The Thunder fans kept the vibe and the energy alive for their favorite band but through no fault of their own, they do come up a little short.  For what its worth, this was a thoroughly enjoyable performance for those fans.


 At this point in the day however, it really does feel like people are just waiting around from headliners Black Stone Cherry and to be honest if anything was going to pump the life back into the party it was certainly going to be them. There really is something about this band at a festival, having seen them numerous times in such an environment, we can safely say they never disappoint. With their first ever UK festival headline slot, the band leave nothing behind from the moment they reach the stage. Guitarist Ben Wells performs his signature kick left right and center as the band make their way through an all star setlist which is sure to please the biggest fans in the crowd. Old, new, everything in between, its all there and what a way to start the performance with ‘Me & Mary Jane’ which explodes right into fan favorite ‘Blind Man’.


From start to finish, it’s a mesmerizing performance and an absolute worthy finisher to a festival that, for its second year, has once again delivered the goods. Everything about this event is just amazing and offers its own little take on the UK festival scene. Its got great food, different to the usual UK festival food stalls, its got great drink, Real ale fans and whiskey drinkers are going to be in for a great treat at a festival like this and the location, the beautiful Mote park, I can imagine this anywhere else.


We simply can’t wait until next year.


For those interested, set lists can be found below for the headlining acts.


Thin Lizzy
-Are You Ready
-Killer On The Loose
-Dancing In The Moonlight
-Angel Of Death
-Waiting For An Alibi
-Cowboy Song (with Midge Ure)
-The Boys Are Back In Town (with Midge Ure)
-Whiskey In The Jar

-Bad Boys
-Slide It In
-Love Ain't No Stranger
-The Deeper The Love
-Fool For Your Loving
-Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
-Judgement Day
-Guitar Solo
-Slow An' Easy
-Bass Solo
-Crying In The Rain (incl. drum solo)
-Is This Love
-Give Me All Your Love
-Here I Go Again
-Still Of The Night

-Wonder Days
-Higher Ground
-River Of Pain
-Backstreet Symphony
-The Devil Made Me Do It
-The Thing I Want
-I Love You More Than Rock n' Roll
-Love Walked In
-Dirty Love

Black Stone Cherry:
-Me And Mary Jane
-Blind Man
-Rain Wizard
-Built For Comfort
-Soul Machine
-Bad To The Bone
-Maybe Someday
-Rescue Me
-In My Blood
-Things My Father Said
-Cheaper To Drink Alone
-In Our Dreams
-White Trash Millionaire
-Blame It On The Boom Boom
-The Rambler
-Lonely Train
-Ace Of Spades

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