LIVE REVIEW! The White Buffalo, Electric Ballroom London

July 22, 2016


Arriving at the Electric Ballroom for the night’s event was simply a wonderful thing. For those of you who read this site, you’ll see a common theme when it comes to summer time. Venues are just too hot for us but not tonight. We arrive to a fairly chilled out crowd in more ways than one. God bless decent air conditioning!


We actually arrived without a single clue about who else would be playing in support of The White Buffalo. At one point we weren’t even sure there were any support but much to our delight, upon spying on the stage times, it came to our attention that Juanita Stein would in fact be the one kicking things off.


Now one things for sure, Juanita and her band were completely new to us (we love it when that happens)

 and because of that, we definitely had to do a little research. For those unfamiliar, the solo artist is actually also a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in indie rock band Howling Bells. Performing also tonight onstage with her father, Juanita brings a calm and collected introduction to the night with her great country/blues music which does a wonderful job of warming up the stage for the star of the night as well as warming up the crowd too whilst taking a moment to reminisce about her time growing up with her dad’s music and always wanting it to be turned down. The moral of this story was as she jokingly described, that she indeed, all these years later found herself saying the same thing because the sound man had her dad’s guitar too loud on stage! Regardless of this, Juanita sounded great up front with her confident music consisting of a great voice, and solid simplistic playing for the sake of the music rather than a showcase of skills.


With only two bands on the bill, there is definitely a relaxed atmosphere now both from the crowd who are enjoying some ice cold beverages and the stage assistants calmly changing over the equipment as if their life definitely did NOT depend on it. Its nice, it makes a change from the hustle and bustle of the variety of metal shows we usually cover.


It doesn’t take long though for the crowd to perk up as the man himself Jake Smith aka. The White Buffalo along with his band appear on stage. There is a visible surge of people now and definitely a bigger presence of Sons of Anarchy merchandise. But if there is one thing that is proven tonight, its that this band are a lot more than just “that band from that TV show”


 There is no fancy long drawn out introductions here, instead a swig of beer and grabbing his guitar, he kicks things into gear with ‘Dark Days’ from the latest album ‘Love and the Death of Damnation’  the crowd eats it up and from there, the only way is up. There is a definite aura about Jake on stage with his guitar, one that is mesmerising from the time he arrives to the time he leaves. If the people in attendance weren’t singing their heads off, they were standing and watching in awe as they busted through a star studded set list.


A great show overall. Plenty of folks enjoying their Thursday night with some great company and great music. Could you ask for anything more?


If you did miss The White Buffalo this Thursday, why not come down to The Ramblin Man Fair, Mote Park, Maidstone and have another chance to check the band out. They will be on stage Saturday 23rd at 19.30pm Be sure to check out our preview of the festival and be on the lookout for our full review!




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