LIVE REVIEW: Rosetta @ The Underworld, Camden

July 18, 2016


Its been a super summer so far with shows outside of the usual festival shenanigans that take place this time of year and it really doesn’t look like it will be easing up any time soon. With the usual summer festivals taking the live music lovers hard earned money, there has also not been any shortage of shows in between either!


This weekend was no different. Fans of music descended on The Underworld, Camden once more for yet another ridiculously good line-up. The Underworld is quickly becoming our second home. We’re even tempted to ask them just to rent us out a room to sleep in so we don’t have to travel anymore especially with the upcoming shows the venue have. Just take a look at their bookings between now and the end of the year and you’ll be whimpering in the corner wondering how the hell you’re going to pay for it all.



Never fear though, night like tonight should have some kind of trophy for best value for money with a staggering line-up consisting of 5 whole bands, a risky number when you consider curfew is at 10pm and all the bands have equipment and sound checks to be done. All things considered though, and especially when Rosetta’s travel issues caused them to arrive just as the doors were opened, the night was executed with military precision with delays pretty much non existent!


As we like to say, drawing the short straw and kicking things off to a very early crowd is The Ever Living. If you had read our preview on tonight’s show, this were a band we told everyone not to miss and whilst the crowds were slim for the opening song, people soon filled the venue way before their set finished. Their epic and atmospheric sound fills the room well and their playing is on point! Its almost a travesty that the band didn’t get to play to more people but as we said, someone has to have that opening slot and as far as we are concerned, it’s the early birds who get a real treat of the night.


Colchester lads Telepathy are quick to get on and get playing their instrumental metal which takes the stage by storm. It’s a tried and tested formula when it comes to their style and they have made it work well, you can hear the influences oozing from their sound and its one that works so perfectly in the environment that The Underworld provides. A great band with a cool and energetic sound who are clearly loving their support slot.


Time for a change up at this point in the show with an appearance by Arizona’s very own North who bring the sludge. Its different to the two previous bands but this one of many things Nightshift Promotions does very well with their ability to add bands from different subgenres that work nicely together and bring in different fans and whilst the line-up had been fairly post metal/instrumental at this point, North came on stage to terrorize everyone with their crusty sludge that added an element of down and out heaviness to the show where it might have lacked before. A welcome addition to the show at this point.


The Black Heart Rebellion is another band that adds to the changeup before the headliners take to the stage, with heavy red lights and a crazy amount of smoke, its atmospheric sounds make you feel like you should be somewhere exotic smoking a shisha pipe. Let’s get one thing straight, They’re definitely not a heavy band, not the kind you would throw yourself around to. Instead what we found ourselves doing is standing there watching them paint some weird exotic image with their array of instruments that fill the stage. Everything from a multitude of guitars to various percussive instruments that the lead singer utilises. Definitely the calm before the storm and one a packed venue appeared to enjoy a lot!


 As we mentioned earlier, Rosetta had some travel issues getting into London causing them to miss their sound check and get their equipment in order. So with that in mind, the band and their crew deserve some kind of medal for the fastest equipment changeover in the history of equipment changeovers. In the span of 10 minutes, they had one backline off the stage and an entirely new on on it. It was just one of the many impressive things from their time on stage from the point in which they explode onto the stage with frontman Mike Armine screaming through the microphone with absolute passion. Make no mistake about it, having no full sound check did nothing to hinder them. Their sound ripped through The Underworld providing everyone with a much needed second wind to what was quite a long show of brilliant bands. Regardless of how much quality music there was on this night, Its only appropriate that Rosetta came, they saw, they conquered and boy did they do that stealing the show with every minute they played.









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