PREVIEW: The White Buffalo Comes To The Electric Ballroom, London

July 13, 2016


Its going to be a busy few days in the UK for The White Buffalo’s Jake Smith all starting with a show at London’s very own Electric Ballroom on the 21st July. The show comes right before an appearance at this years Ramblin Man Festival 2016 in Maidstone Kent.



For those unfamiliar, The White Buffalo is the brainchild of Smith who was born in Oregon and raised in southern California listening to a generous amount of punk bands. During smiths college years, he began writing and performing his own songs under the name of The White Buffalo. Some might be asking where this name came from. Its simple, after a suggestion of names from his friends, this was the one he pulled out of a hat!


The music itself is special and we are huge fans of it here at The Revival. With its strong southern Americana feel and melodic guitars, the music will captivate and mesmerise from start to finish. As Smith himself says about his latest album “I’ve always loved the combination of things that are really beautiful and things that are really dark or heavy.  There’s a lot of that on this album.” 



The White Buffalo have numerous full lengths under their belt with the most recent being the well received


Love & The Death of Damnation which was released last year and whilst there is indeed a healthy back catalogue for the band to showcase live next week, fans may have been introduced to the music by hit TV show Sons Of Anarchy.


The White Buffalo, sang on many songs including, "Come Join The Murder", performed by The Forest Rangers and written by Sons of Anarchy creator and executive producer, Kurt Sutter. Other songs from The White Buffalo which appeared on Sons of Anarchy include "Matador", "Damned", "Wish It Was True", "House of The Rising Sun (Cover)", "The Whistler", "Set My Body Free", "Sweet Hereafter", "Oh Darling, what have I done" and "Bohemian Rhapsody (Cover)"




As it stands, there is no news on any supporting acts for the show however the door time is scheduled for 7pm with an 11pm curfew. The Revival shall be in attendance to review and report upon the night’s festivities so be on the look out for our post event coverage!


Tickets are still available and are priced at £16 To purchase, be sure to visit:


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