July 8, 2016


Another day, another gig. Its been a busy few weeks for The Revival and things don’t look to be easing up any time soon. Be assured though, it’s a good problem to have, we love it and tonight is no exception.


Its nights like these that really make us love what we do. The evenings lineup boasts a great mix of some eclectic styles on one stage/lineup and summer is still in full swing with it being even warmer than last nights Sleep show. The underworld will undoubtedly end up a hot sweaty mess by the time the show is done but luckily as the first act takes to the stage its comfortably warm (as opposed to the uncomfortably warm that’s about to ensue) due to the early crowd and its lack of people to kick things off.



And just who is kicking things of tonight you ask? Well that would be solo man Janne Westerlund bringing

his unique style of Experimental rock/krautrock/folk to the stage and whilst he starts to play in front of a very sparse crowd to begin, it only takes a couple of songs for the place to really start filling out. Janne mesmerizes the crowd with his folky sound which is almost bluesy in places and has a little bit of a deep south sound to it too. Its just Janne on stage with his banjo for the majority of the performance and as we look around the room, theres a deep sense of peacefulness as the room is silent in awe and enjoying a moment of calm almost hypnotized by the dark and moody sound of a great opening act.



With the opening performance of the night finished, it is quite easy to feel like we have just warped into a completely different show as Mamiffer take to the stage for a set that if anything, really shakes the foundations of The Underworld. The thunderous sounds that emanate from this band are almost murderous. Its going to be one of those times where if you’re unsure what to expect, you’ll either love it or hate it. Whilst there wasn’t really anything spectacular to watch on stage as such, it’s a live performance that is about the music and the music only and with that in mind, you can’t fault it at all.


Things seem to be running behind at this point in as JK Flesh is preparing to appear on stage so there is a sense of a mad rush when it comes to equipment changeover. As soon as Mr Broadrick hits the stage, fans are still getting their much needed beer top ups whilst the die hard flesh fans are bopping away to the signature noisy electronic sounds filling the room nicely. Eventually the room fills back up and things really start to get warmer as Justin screams his lungs out over the sounds he makes through a collection of gizmos on what can only be described as a small wooden coffee table he probably borrowed from his grandmas house!




Of course, with the conclusion of JK Flesh, things move on to our headliners SUMAC who pretty much pull a crowd consistent with that of JK Flesh. In fact its really hard to tell which band the fans were here to see more. Luckily for them, they got both on one lineup. SUMAC are just ridiculously heavy right from the get go. With a bass sound that is oh so low and a guitar sound which is also oh so low, the live sound just leaves you shaking and quivering. Aaron Turner is back pulling double duties but this time he takes the time to throw himself around a bit more. Its definitely a changeup to the rest of the acts on the nights bill and it is without a doubt a ridiculously heavy finish to the show!


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