LIVE REVIEW: Sleep & Conan @ Kentish Town Forum, London

July 7, 2016


Summer is in full swing folks and boy could you feel it tonight. What was warm outside pretty much tripped inside the O2 Kentish Town forum in London as the masses made their way to the show of shows. It has only been a year since the band visited these shores with the last show being at the KOKO but with the response tonight, you’d think it had been ten.  With what can only be described as a sea of Sleep T shirts


and a green smog filling the warm air, tonight crowd are ready for some pure, unadulterated doom/stoner metal.


But as usual and as you should all be used to by now, the show may end with Sleep, but it sure as hell doesn’t begin with them as the band Conan are pulling support duties tonight and what a perfect band to kick things off.  With their style of doom hailing from Liverpool UK, their heavily distorted and downtuned sound is only paused for frontman Jon Davis to repeatedly thank the crowd and inform us that they are Conan.


The bands bass sound does a good job tonight in brining some brown sound moments as mixer levels are fine tuned for the evening but the fans don’t mind. Sleep fans are almost certainly the same Conan fans and they eat it up with delight. There’s something so cool about seeing a sea of 1000 peoples heads all nodding to the slow chunky and sludgy riffs all in sync. Whilst at times it felt like too big a stage for the trio, the band proved us wrong by pulling such a big crowd for an early opener and killing nailing their set wonderfully.


A short wait until Sleep hits the stage feels like an eternity. Beers are flowing and there are far too many drunk people for a Wednesday night. Ah to be young


again, right? There are certain strong smells that fill the warm sticky air now as things are about to get heavy. And when they do, the crowd awakens and loud celebratory cheers feel the air as Sleep take their rightful place on tonight’s stage and kick things off with ‘Dragonaut’ & ’Holy Mountain’ eliciting some seriously synchronised head banging from the many in attendance who have now absolutely packed the venue. Sleep are heavy, seriously heavy but don’t be fooled. This isn’t a show where large mosh pits consume the centre of the crowd. Where people throw themselves around without a care in the world. No, this is a show where you stand, bang your head and watch in absolute awe as the sheer monstrous sound of Sleep consumes you and this is almost certainly demonstrated with those interesting smells growing stronger as the band play ‘dopesmoker’


Overall, and to completely rip of a friends Facebook status, this show was simply Majestic As Fuck.




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