NEWS! Hemelbestormer To Support CELESTE in London

July 2, 2016


We at the revival are absolutely thrilled to hear of the latest news that Belgian post rock/metal titans Hemelbestormer will be making their way to London for the first ever time all thanks to the wonderful folks at Nightshift Promotions. We get to see and review one of our favourites in the genre at this time who will be bringing their show to the Underworld, Camden on the 17th December supporting the amazing Celeste


Ok, so the 17th of December is quite some time away but who cares, lets talk about these bands and this show now to get the excitement flowing.


So who are Hemelbestromer? Unfortunately when we have brought them up in various conversations with friends, they’re not one too well known. Well, in their own words;


Hemelbestormer is Dutch for someone with revolutionary views, an idealist and someone with wild plans. Literally it can be translated as "sky stormer" or "stormer of heaven". ...and so are the five individuals behind this entity. Hemelbestormer is the MMXII omega in a long chain of births and deaths, having its roots in the black metal, sludge and hardcore scene.


We first heard about Hemelbestormer at the beginning of the year around the time ‘Aether’ was released and out minds were blown. The band who has previously released an album with the legendary Vanessa Van Basten and saw themselves bring their atmospheric metal back for a second helping as well as netting themselves a place on this years edition of Roadburn Festival.


Aether brings the listener 4 lengthy tracks (when we say lengthy, we are talking longer than 10 minutes) with all following the ‘less is more’ approach. Its not an album that focuses on fretwankery or speed skills. Its atmospheric almost paying homage to Russian Circles/Blut Aus Nord in places. Its slow, its dark, its chunky riffs are darn heavy at times and when not, its audio beauty with its moments of calm in all its wonderful simplicity.  


As mentioned, Hemelbestormer will pull main support duties for the French Black Metal/Hardcore quartet Celeste who with 5 albums behind them will hopefully be playing a mix of old and new(er) songs for the fans.



Celeste formed back in 2005 mixing multiple styles into their sound including sludge, black metal & post hardcore (genres! who needs em’) The bands sound is absolutely ferocious at times and this is well demonstrated in the last album realised back in 2013 ‘Animale(s)’ Imagine a mashup between Downfall Of Gaia and Amenra and you would be somewhere along the right lines.


This is definitely not a show to be missed and an absolutely killer way to end the year!


As always, tickets can be purchased right here:


Go! Buy tickets, tell all of your friends! Even if you don’t know the bands, come to the show anyway, meet new friends, hear some new music, we promise, you’ll have a great time!

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