LIVE REVIEW! King Diamond, Kentish Town Forum, London

June 23, 2016


"We are gathered here tonight, to lay to rest Abigail LaFey, whom we now know

was first born dead on The 7th Day of July 1777. Abigail must be nailed to her coffin with 7 silver spikes, 1 through each arm, hand and knee, and let the last of the 7 be drawn through her mouth so that she may never rise and cause evil again. Who will be the first?"


2016 has been an immense year for shows so far and it shows no sign of letting up. With some amazing tours and UK exclusives making their way to the UK shores, it feels only fitting that tonight King Diamond plays a one off UK exclusive set for 2016. Not only that but the show will feature 1987s metal masterpiece ‘Abigail’ live and in its entirety. For fans of the band, this is the show you would be absolutely insane to miss.


There isn’t much to offer with regards to support bands tonight with a mere 1 band pulling support duty. That being said, whilst King Diamond is worth the £30 alone, Angel Witch open up to what is already visibly a packed and rowdy crowd for a Tuesday night and boy do they do one heck of a job with a set list that will satisfy those fans in the audience that have followed the band through their career that actually dates back long before that of King Diamonds and will be sure to educate those who are yet to get into the influential NWOBHM band. Songs such as 'White Witch', the awesome 'Angel Of Death', 'and their signature tune 'Angel Witch' spur on massive sing-a-longs that warm the crowd up nicely.


A mighty start to a warm sweaty night of fun.


Whilst there may have been disappointment at the end of Angel Witches set, such feelings soon disappear after a short wait and some beet top ups as the lights faded for the beginning of what was to be an epic journey featuring The king himself. It should be noted that the stage setup for the show is absolutely immense. Staircases, gargoyles and upside down crosses are present and are so welcomed by the photographers in the photo pit who turn up in their masses to the point where three groups have to be organised!


To kick things off, we have eerie synths, dark blue lights and Granny Corpse wheeled on in her chair as


‘Welcome Home’ prepares everyone. And thus begins a wonderful journey. That being said, The King is teasing us before we hear ‘Abigail’ in full with some much welcome additions to the set such as ‘Sleepless Nights’, ‘Come To Sabbath’ and even Mercyful Fates ‘Mellissa


The bittersweet moment came for the crowd with a white coffin appearing whilst the King Diamond kick start the beginning of the end with ‘Arrival’ and from that point onwards, chaos continues. Back to back, every song in all its glory.


There are really no words to describe what happened tonight. King Diamond absolutely owning his stage and commanding everyone’s attention in the room (not that he didn’t already have their attention in the first place) But the cross wielding master of the falsetto was absolutely on point and the UKs first ever live performance of Abigail was everything it was supposed to be and more.




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