LIVE REVIEW! Primitive Man - The Underworld, Camden

June 13, 2016

Another day another show at The Underworld in Camden. Its quieter this time than previous shows we have been to though. Camden is almost in a relaxed state as people find themselves off of the streets and into their homes and/or local watering holes for the England football game. To top it off, Its Download Festival weekend and whilst half of the metal and rock community are off drowning in a muddy field somewhere, the diehard doom fans come out to play with what is a line-up made in heaven (or hell, whichever you’d prefer).


Things get kicked off at a relatively early time with King Goat who are worthy openers. It’s a slightly different sound to the rest of the bands on the bill. Whilst slow and heavy, its more of a progressive approach to the doom genre with Vocalist Trim providing some epic vocal works whilst addressing his crowd from behind his very own King Goat branded podium.


Slabdragger provide the continuation of what can be considered a perfect set bands for tonight’s line-up. There are no bells and whistles. Its three guys on a stage presenting their art live & raw for all to enjoy. Providing slightly more ‘groove’ than the others on the show with their oh so slow drum and the guitar sounds that repeatedly punch you in the face with every note.


Darkness and pure evil take to the stage as main support Sea Bastard take everyone to church with their

sermon in all things doom.  For those who’s first time it is seeing the band tonight, its sure to be a learning experience in what can be considered one of the best British doom acts out there right now. The band take what is a good sound on record and make it into something truly remarkable through sheer heaviness live. We couldn’t think of a more perfect main support act for this show. There is something almost ritualistic about the performance that leaves one slowly embracing the slow head nod to the beat of the song. Its impossible to keep still.


All the way from Denver, Colorado, Primitive Man headline tonight. I stood trying to figure out the best way to put into words to describe their headline set tonight. This was quite a taxing task at first with us trying to overcomplicate things by attempting to fluff things up a bit. However, its relatively simple. On this night, Primitive Man absolutely sound like the end of the world. If there were a soundtrack to such an event, this would be it. Although some technical problems hindered their performance at one point their set was blistering with what is sure to have been felt by the punters in The Worlds End pub above with their rumbling room shaking doomy goodness. A force to be reckoned with.  


Another successful show brought to you by the magnificent Nightshift Promotions.


Until next time!


All photography by JPR Photography:




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