IAMFIRE To Stream Live Show, Saturday 4th June

June 3, 2016


IAmFire have just announced that they will be streaming their upcoming live comeback show this Saturday for free. Announcing the news on their Facebook page, the band had this to say;


Hey folks,
for those of you who can´t make it to the show in Haderslev on saturday - You can actually watch the live stream from the comfort of your home... or where ever. If you have internet.
21.00 Central European Time. In other words, noon in Los Angeles.
We are playing 8 songs.
To all our friends and fans, we ask you help us out in spread this.
Hope to see you at the show, even if that means you hanging out making comments on Youtube or at the actual show-show.

The times for the live show around the world are as follows;

21.00 Central European Time.
20.00 UK time
15.00 US Eastcoast time.
Noon in Los Angeles.


To watch the show, visit the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTI4lYFd4cY


Ok, so this is a band that may not be the most well known thing to you, the reader but I am telling you right now, it should be. Its an absolutely travesty that this wasn't bigger the first time round but here they are, gracing us with their presence once again for round two.
A little bit of background for you just in case you do not know whats happening here. There once was a man named Peter Dolving, formerly of The Haunted fame. There still is a man called Peter Dolving only now, he is in this wonderful band known as IAmFire who surfaced a few years ago and released a wonderful debut known as Eyes Wide Open. Its rock, its sludge, its metal, its really whatever you want it to be but we absolutely have to tell you that you must listen for yourself!

 Be sure to check out the band at the following links as well as the youtube video below!








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