LIVE REVIEW! Oathbreaker - The Underworld, Camden

May 17, 2016




Is there anything better than a Saturday night gig?


The sun is shining, the hustle and bustle of Camden town is at its peak and the doors are soon to open for a relatively early show at one of London’s marquee venues for live music, The Underworld. There is something special about shows on a Saturday night though. For most, its prime party time. Drinks flow, smiles are all around and for most, there’s no work in the morning. So what better way is there to spend that time? Of course its checking out some of Europe’s finest metal for tonight is a celebration of all things Belgium!


The line-up consists of 4 quality bands who all bring their A game with them. Is it a sold out show? No. But have the diehard fans come out to play? Absolutely. And sometimes those are the best kinds of crowds for bands like these to play to. Tonight is no exception. Nightshift Promotions have done a remarkable job at putting together a line-up that works well and it all starts with Soul grip


Soulgrip don’t start with the biggest crowd of the night, but by the time they get into the swing of things, they draw the masses. Soulgrip are crushing. Soulgrip are dark and its very easy to see why they are on tonight’s line-up. A very worthy way to kick things off this evening.


Next up, the mighty VVOVNDS take to the stage once more after a successful show a few weeks back at Desertfest but the fans are still here side by side. VVOVNDS bring something special to the table that works well on nights like this especially with frontman Jenci who has an evil and slightly angry stage presence. His harrowing screams compliment the bands strong and dark sounding musical performance. Its even better live than on record and easy to imagine as a soundtrack to absolute horror if there ever was one.


In some ways Steak Number Eight made tonight feel like a co-headline show and for us were the surprise of the night. And what a show they brought. To put it bluntly, they are quite simply fucking brilliant bringing their energy and pure insanity to the stage. Lead Singer and guitarist Brent Vanneste screaming for satan and practically eating his mic during the performance provides the crowd a mighty fine stage show which is one not to be forgotten just quite yet. Chaos is the name of the game from the moment the first note is played through to the very last.


Oathbreaker are exactly what you expect them to be tonight. They are haunting and heavy Energy levels are kept to an absolute maximum from start to finish through performing a nice mix of songs from Eros/Anteros & Maelstrom across a relatively short time of roughly 50 minutes. There were no bells and whistles, no big flames or crazy stage stunts. The band came on stage, proceeded to rip everyone’s face off with their frenzied sound and simply leave. Perfection. Stand out tracks No Rest For The Weary, Upheaval & The Abyss Looks Into Me were absolutely stand out tracks as always and the crowd made sure the band knew they were very much welcome on tonight’s set list. Oathbreaker came and they conquered and we can’t wait to see them in London again soon!



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