LIVE REVIEW! Impericon Festival 2016 – 3rd May 2016 Kentish Town Forum, London

May 10, 2016




With The Concrete Confessional quickly approaching its release date, Hatebreed graced us with their presence for this year’s edition of Impericon Festival which saw itself land on UK shores for the very first time.


Day long festivals on a Tuesday often don’t make much sense but on this day, the diehards are setting themselves apart from the rest.  The venue is half full with upstairs closed off but for these guys it makes no difference with the main floor being consistently full throughout the day.


The line-up consisted of a whopping ten bands from the metalcore/deathcore/hardcore genre which are all crammed in an 8-hour time period and to be honest, the organisers pulled off a magnificent job keeping all bands on time and equipment changeovers quick which helps keep the momentum flowing throughout a day that some might consider to be a tad too long as it is. 


Whilst we would love to review each and every band in full, there were just simply far too many to go through. Just know that every band put on great performances which were worthy of great reviews. Instead of an in depth write up, here were some of the festivals greatest hits and misses…


HIT: As it goes, I don’t think we have ever seen Hatebreed not kicking ass in some way shape or form, generally they’ve always put on great shows and Impericon Festival was no different. With what can be considered a greatest hits set with a couple of new songs thrown in for good measure, the bands relatively short performance tears the place down from start to finish. In fact, the only thing we have to complain about here is that they weren’t on stage long enough! Even after such a long day, the crowd relish the opportunity to “destroy everything” so to speak with bodies flying everywhere and sing-a-longs very much present from the moment the first note is hit. Take a wild guess of whats in the setlist tonight and you'll probabaly be right! The fan favourites were out in full force!


HIT: Hundredth were on relatively early on in the day but put on one of the best sets. With their awesome mixture of hardcore and metal that sounds like mashup between renowned hardcore bands such as Terror, This is Hell, Sick of It All & Hatebreed, it felt criminal that they were so low down on the bill. For fans of this side of music, this is a band that should be one to watch for sure!


HIT: When it comes to value for money, there shouldn’t be a single complaint here. All things considered, there were ten bands on the bill and all for a mere cost of £30. You do the math.


HIT: One of the great things about this particular all day festival and the sheer amount of bands playing in such a short chunk of time is that it led to shorter sets. There are pros and cons to this. The one con being that Hatebreed had a pretty short set time for headliners but with 9 other bands prior, it kept the day moving fast and if a band wasn’t your thing, it was easy to feel like they weren’t taking up too much of your time.


MISS: The only thing we can really complain about is simply that the festival was too long for Tuesday. Now that may seem like a weird thing to criticize when we just finished talking about Hatebreed not having enough time as well as quick sets but the key word in this criticism is “Tuesday”. Most people being at work meaning they miss most of the day. Had this been at a weekend then the numbers may have been higher throughout. With most people also more than likely having work/commitments the following day its enough to put most people off from buying a ticket. Should Impericon Festival return next year (and we hope it does) the numbers could be much higher should it be held on a weekend!


Overall we had a great time at a great festival. Should it return next year it should definitely be one on your list if you are a fan of the kinds of bands Impericon promote regularly in the hardcore/deathcore/metalcore genre.


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