PREVIEW! Oathbreaker – The Underworld, Camden

May 6, 2016



Nightshift Promotions have only gone and done it again by keeping with their successful track record and booking what is sure to be one hell of a scorcher both literally and figuratively.


On the 14th May, The Camden Underworld is set to play host to one of only two UK dates for the dark hardcore/punk metal outfit Oathbreaker. The Revival will be in attendance to report upon this show for our readers so what better way to prepare than to give you all a little preview of what’s to come!


Joining Oathbreaker will be the mighty VVOVNDS who will be supporting fresh off of their Desertfest 2016 set this past weekend and what worthy support it is. In addition Steak Number Eight & Soul Grip will also be joining in on the fun.


Oathbreaker – Things began with Oathbreaker back in early 2008 with a release of the self-titled 7” EP which was very well received giving the listener a small taster session of what was to come and propelled the band to tour Europe sharing stages with many legendary bands including Enslaved. Mælstrøm, their first full length debut boasted tracks such as Glimpse Of The Unseen an almost traditional black metal sounding track to the faster and almost Hardcore-esque Fate Is Neigh showing us the diversity of the band’s sound.


In 2013 Oathbreaker released Eros/Anteros with plenty of fan favourites including No Rest For The Weary, A song often used to kick off their live shows. Its dark, its fast, its slow and it solidifies Oathbreaker as a standout act with a unique sound supported by a ferocious live show.


The band are currently in the studio writing and recording their follow up, one which the fans can’t wait for. Expect new material to surface soon!



Steak Number Eight -  another superb band from Belgium will bring their sludgy atmospheric music to the stage in support. They will definitely not be out of place on this stage.



VVOVNDS – If you don’t know who VVOVNDS are by now then please, stop what you are doing and go check them out. Another stunning addition to the shows line-up. Fresh from their recent sets on the likes of London’s Desertfest and Hollands Roadburn Festival, the band, consisting of ex Amenra members will be ripping your face off with their terrorizing, distorted bass and harsh vocals. Definitely one to keep an eye on.


Soul Grip – I have to admit, Soul Grip was a new on on us. But after checking them out, we are excited. Very very excited. Its dark, its grim, its harsh, its fucking wonderful. Check out a YouTube video below of what to expect and make sure you get there in time to see them kick things off!!



The show starts at 6pm on Saturday 14th. Be sure to get there to check out all of these bands! If you haven’t yet got your tickets then what are you waiting for? They are still available right here:


What else are you going to do on a Saturday evening?











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