NEWS! IAmFire Reunite

April 29, 2016



Ok, so this is a band that may not be the most well known thing to you, the reader but I am telling you right now, it should be. Its an absolutely travesty that this wasn't bigger the first time round but here they are, gracing us with their presence once again for round two. 


A little bit of background for you just in case you do not know whats happening here. There once was a man named peter Dolving, formerly of The Haunted fame. There still is a man called Peter Dolving only now, he is in this wonderful band known as IAmFire who surfaced a few years ago and released a wonderful debut known as Eyes Wide Open. Its rock, its sludge, its metal, its really whatever you want it to be but we absolutely have to tell you that you must listen for yourself! 


The news of the bands comeback came this past week with the band announcing though social media 


IAMFIRE is back!!! old and improved. Now a functioning collective. The long awaited record is finally mixed. And damn you’re in for a treat. Hopefully it´ll be available for your ears shortly. 
We added a new singer Rasmus Revsbech. And Peter Dolving is back after his recovery in Bahia. You will see the band in different constellations.
It is hard to explain, how much we look forward to show you guys what we can do together.


Be sure to check out the band at the following links as well as the youtube video below!








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