NEWS! Abbath, Moonsorrow & More Announced For Brutal Assault Festival 2016

April 15, 2016


The organisers at the amazing Brutal Assault Festival 2016 have just announced what they have described as a 'Black Friday' lineup announcement conisting of a good chunk of great additions to this years lineup. As the festival organisers themselves announced;

"This time we’re about to bring more orthodox stuff to the table, starting with Norwegian giant gone solo


ABBATH! The aptly named DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT will perform their blood soaked ritual at this BA. We are also welcoming the pagan veterans MOONSORROW. Germans DUST BOLT bring thrash metal as well as their partners in crime LOST SOCIETY from Finland. Blasphemous Polish death metal act EMBRIONAL will be part of the line-up as well as Swedish melodic doom/death act OCTOBER TIDE and lycanthro punk originators WOLFBRIGADE. Fans of modern forms of metal would appreciate young Australian metalcore with mathcore elements JACK THE STRIPPER. American songwriter KING DUDE will perform his dark neo


folk. Unfortunate news in the end, NILE had to pull out the fest, however we managed to get two other great death metal acts on the bill to compensate this loss. Namely the godfathers of Swedish death metal GRAVE and the returning turn-of-the-millenium Brazilian prospects REBAELLIUN!


There are still many more bands to be announced for the festival before it is considered complete. So be sure to grab your tickets, book your flights and get your tent out because this is not going to be one you'll want to miss! For more information, be sure to visit


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